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Lab Tests Plus

Lab Tests Plus provides direct access to a wide variety of Integrative and Functional Medicine testing—without a doctor’s visit. With each test result, we provide a written review and interpretation with supplement and/or medication recommendations. Lab Tests Plus utilizes saliva, blood spot (finger prick), stool, urine, breath and hair to assess various functional aspects of your health

Lab Tests Plus

This type of specialized testing is usually only available through a practitioner.  Now, through Lab Tests Plus providing you direct access to testing via their in-house physicians.  These important tests may help to reveal underlying deficits and imbalances contributing to your health challenges. Lab tests provided through Lab Tests Plus can be performed in the comfort of your own home, and include a written interpretation detailing what your results show. 

Once collection is complete, kits are mailed back to the lab of origin in the envelope provided with each kit. Once the results are finalized, Lab Tests Plus physicians review the results and provide a written interpretation detailing what the results show, along with recommendations for improving health based on those results. Both the lab results and the written interpretation are emailed directly to the client.

New tests are regularly added to Lab Tests Plus, so visit the website regularly.