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Physician Consults

Private, One-On-One Mentoring For Medical Professionals

Dr. Kurt Woeller offers a private, one-on-one mentoring service for healthcare professionals through the membership website, Functional Medicine Clinical Rounds. This mentoring service includes an array of relevant information meant to assist licensed health professionals working with individuals suffering with various health conditions.

Functional Medicine Clinical Rounds is a membership website where healthcare professionals can book weekly one-on-one phone consults with Dr. Woeller (and Dr. Tracy Tranchitella, N.D.). Consults are typically 30 minutes each and are intended to support health care professionals with lab test interpretation, intervention suggestions and prioritization, troubleshooting health complaints, etc., on specific issues their patients or clients are facing.

Lab Test Interpretation

Get assistance interpreting patients’ functional medicine lab tests.

Protocol Help

Get support on creating protocols based on lab results & clinical observation. 

Case Studies 

Get access to a constantly growing library of case studies, lab reviews and clinical tips.

Live Forum

Pose questions to the doctors and get answers via the live forum, 7 days a week.  

Physician Consults